Wedding sketch: from project to reality without surprises

The wedding sketch allows you to quickly preview the event’s setting up and perceive the wedding’s mood.

This is very important because the wedding is a unique performance that can’t be repeated, therefore the transition from concept to reality must be “right at the first time”.

Wedding Sketch
Wedding sketch: digital example
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What is it?

Consider that the scenery of the wedding is the setting that will make the location unique during the ceremony and the reception.

The harmony of decorative elements such as flowers, lights, furnishings, etc. will contribute to recreating the style and mood that the couple desires to welcome guests on their Big Day.

Thanks to the professionalism and experience of a Wedding Designer, it is possible to create a personalized scenery that reflects the couple’s tastes and tells their love story.

The wedding sketch is a hand-drawn or digital design that illustrates the scenery of the wedding.

It can represent floral arrangements, lighting and table setting that will make the location unique during the ceremony, reception, cake cutting and party.

Like photography, it has the magical power to make you relive a moment forever.

Compared to photography, however, with the sketch, you can start experiencing it even before it happens.

Creating a wedding design project, it’s necessary to combine many elements, such as style, colors, flowers, lights, and materials.

With this tool, you can evaluate every single detail of Design in advance, so that the final result is harmonious.

But there’s more!

The wedding sketch also offers other important advantages, such as:

  • helping the couple understand what they want, overcome indecision, and thus avoid a good dose of stress;
  • evaluating the lay out of decorations and solving space management problems in advance;
  • understanding if the project reflects the couple’s tastes;
  • making changes before the Big Day;
  • identifying stylistic problems.
Bozzetto matrimonio disegnato a mano
Hand-drawn wedding sketch for a ceremony arch.

Who creates it?

The professional figure who can create a wedding sketch better than others is the wedding designer, because she has both the necessary graphic skills and knowledge of all the aesthetic elements necessary to make a wedding visually unforgettable.

Thanks to her skills and knowledge of trends, she is able to visually transfer the project she has created to the couple or to their wedding planner.

She can also provide her consulting services by suggesting optimal design solutions.

Even the wedding planner can create it, if she has the necessary skills.

Finally, the illustrator also creates graphic sketches, but only transforming the indications received from the wedding designer or planner into an image.

Loggia Venaria vuota Before
Loggia Venaria Bozzetto After

Wedding sketch: digital preview of how the reception area will look like in the Royal Palace of Venaria (TO).

When is it time to do it?

After selecting the wedding style, theme, mood, color palette and location, it’s time to create a Design project, then the couple chooses solutions that better reflect their taste.

Right after that, it is the perfect time to collect all the ideas in a sketch, to clearly show the couple what they will see during their wedding.

Also, consider that the wedding sketch has a very important role in the styling phase that precedes the realization, because images have the power to limit misunderstandings, showing clearly and universally what the result should be.

That’s why this drawing simplifies communication between the Wedding Planner, Wedding Designer, the couple, and suppliers, even in the case of a Destination Wedding, when not everyone speaks the same language or knows each other’s language well.

Wedding digital sketch reception
Wedding digital sketch reception
Mise en place
Mise en place
Servizio Realizzazione Bozzetto
Bozzetto di un matrimonio sulla spiaggia in stile Boho
Boho Beach Wedding

How to draw a wedding sketch?

There are two ways to draw it: on paper and digitally.

For both, it is necessary to have a good aesthetic sense.

Let’s see in detail the two types of sketches.

Wedding sketch on paper

Drawing a wedding sketch on paper means to know how to use various types of paper, brushes, watercolors, classic pencils or watercolor pencils, etc.


  • It is entirely made by hand;
  • It can be more or less precious depending on the materials used;
  • It is unique, consequently it can have a very high emotional value.

It also requires an excellent designer’s skills.

Wedding Digital Sketch

In recent years, with the improvement of technological devices, the digital sketch is becoming more popular.

The use of tablet, digital pen, and software is needed.

The result is a very realistic digital illustration that can also be printed on paper.

The digital format:

  • is also done by hand, but it uses digital tools that make some steps faster;
  • makes some steps easier, because it’s possible to apply modifications to the sketch without having to draw a new one. For example, if the couple decides to change the color palette or the reception chairs, the digital version can be easily modified to fit their preferences;
  • allows drawing very realistic lights and shadows;
  • gives the possibility to create an animation that emotionally involves the couple, such as the transition from day to night and the lighting of candles.

In order to obtain a good digital sketch saving time it’s necessary an excellent technical knowledge of digital tools (such as software, tablet, and graphic pen).

Video showing you how to create a quick wedding sketch using tablet and digital pen during the site inspection.


After hundreds of hours of study and practice, I have created my Wedding Illustration course.

You can learn all my secrets and the my techniques I developed creating my digital illustrations for couples, wedding planners, florists and other wedding professionals.


As you may have learned, the wedding sketch is an excellent tool to visualize the scenery of the wedding, perceive its mood, avoid mistakes and meet the expectations of the couple.

Are you a bride, a groom, a wedding planner, or a decorator? Contact me to request your personalized digital sketch.

I’m Alessandra Bianchini and I’m a wedding designer.

Firma Alessandra Bianchini
Wedding Designer Alessandra Bianchini
Alessandra Bianchini Wedding designer

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