Wedding style, mood and theme

Concerning weddings, you have probably heard the terms: style, mood and theme.

They are often considered synonymous, but they are three distinct aspects featuring the Wedding and Event Design.

Do you know the differences?

Wedding Style Mood and Theme
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Wedding style

To better understand, let’s start talking about the style, which can be: Classic, Rustic, Boho, Industrial, Vintage, Glamour, etc.

Rustic Chic and Boho Chic… are they styles too?

Even if they have now become names of styles, they actually contain two different information: “Rustic” and “Boho” identify the style, whereas “Chic“, which means elegant, identifies the mood. But we’ll talk about the mood in a bit.

The wedding style can be expressed through:

  • bride and groom’s outfit and the dress code for the guests;
  • table setting;
  • fragrances;
  • color palette;
  • materials;
  • location;
  • shapes;
  • lights;
  • flowers.

To create a harmonious wedding design, the style has to be coherent from the beginning to the end of the event, therefore from the invitations to the after dinner party, passing through the ceremony, the reception, the aperitif, the cake cutting, the dessert buffet and the wedding favours.

I suggest you express the style through elements that involve the 5 senses.

Here you have some examples. Activate:

Simbolo Vista

the sight using colors and shapes;

Simbolo Tatto

the touch with the fabrics for the table and the kind of paper for the wedding suite;

Simbolo Gusto

the taste selecting carefully the menu and the wedding cake;

Simbolo olfatto

the smell using scented candles or a personalized fragrance;

Simbolo Udito

the hearing choosing a special band matching the wedding style with its music and its outfit.

How can you understand which style suits your taste?

It’s not easy.

I suggest you 3 methods:

1. fill the test/chatbot/quiz that you find here or another one that you can find on many websites about wedding;

2. look online for pictures that you like and show them to your suppliers hoping for their expertise in creating what you are looking for;

3. hire a Wedding Designer. You have to read the difference between a Wedding Designer and a Wedding Planner).

And now let’s move on to the mood.

What’s the wedding mood?

Mood” means state of mind and identifies the atmosphere that you want your guests to experience during the event.

The event mood can be: romantic, formal, elegant, retro, sophisticated, etc…

When I have to create a new bespoke design project, I carefully listen to the words that the couple uses during our first meeting to describe the wedding day.

In this way I can understand what they expect to live and which is the perfect mood for them.

For instance:

  • “I want to experience a reception with a cozy and informal atmosphere together with my family and friends”;
  • “I imagine a formal and elegant reception”;
  • “I dream of a romantic ceremony”.

What about you?

How can you figure out the perfect mood for your wedding?

Close your eyes, think about that day and ask yourself:

  • What emotions do I want to experience on the Big Day?
  • What sensations do I want the guests to experience?
  • How would I like guests to remember my wedding?

After you will have defined which mood you want, let’s see how to achieve it through design.

We previously talked about Rustic Chic and Boho Chic, do you remember?

A Rustic Chic wedding, for example, has the typical elements of the Rustic style (such as the centerpiece full of greenery, the wooden table without tablecloth and the wooden cross back chairs) and details that give a Chic mood, (such as the elegant golden candlesticks with taper candles and silk chiffon table runner).

Rustic Chic Wedding Table Digital Sketch
Rustic Chic wedding table - Digital sketch

Even about mood it’s important to involve the 5 senses.

I’m going to explain to you what I mean with the following inspirations:

Simbolo Vista


For a wedding with a young and sparkling mood, you can use vitamin colors.

Pastel tones instead will help you to create an elegant atmosphere.

Light plays a fundamental role. Using crystal chandeliers, fairy lights, bulb lights or lamps with LED lights you will obtain very different moods.

Even the color of the light, its intensity and its temperature are essential aspects to consider.

Simbolo olfatto


The fresh and intense scent of lemon is perfect for a convivial atmosphere, whereas lavender for a romantic mood.

Simbolo Tatto


We cannot forget the touch. The feeling that guests will experience touching a velvet tablecloth or a jute table runner will be very different.

Simbolo Gusto


A menu made up of courses allowing you to experience new combinations of flavors will help you to create a modern and extravagant mood, instead of the traditional courses.

Simbolo Udito


This is certainly the most commonly used element, even in daily life.

When you try to create a specific atmosphere for a romantic dinner, a party with friends or any other special event, the right music is the first secret to get the desired mood.

Is it possible to change the mood during the event?

Usually it’s better to keep a coherent mood throughout the event.

Anyway it’s not forbidden. You can choose a formal and elegant mood for ceremony and reception, changing it to a more relaxed atmosphere for the after-dinner party.

As you will have understood, therefore, the mood is also important to create an unforgettable day for newlyweds and guests.

Obviously, just one of the described elements is not enough to get the right mood.

It is always the harmony of the right elements that makes the difference.

And finally let’s talk about the theme.

What is the wedding theme?

Whereas it’s necessary to define style and mood for a successful and impeccably designed wedding, the theme is not strictly necessary.

It’s also true that, if you choose a theme for your wedding, it will certainly give a personal touch to the event.

The wedding “Theme” refers to a precise topic with a special meaning for both bride and groom, such as:

  • a detail referred to their love story (for example the city in which they met the first time or the first flower given);
  • their favorite band’s songs;
  • their passion for traveling.

Personally I suggest you not include details reminding the theme in each decoration from the ceremony to the party.

To get the surprise effect and involve your guests, create a few themed details, for example during the reception, such as table markers, the seating chart, the photobooth, etc.


A wedding becomes really unforgettable when a bespoke design project develops correctly and originally style, mood and possibly the theme.

Are you a bride-to-be, a groom-to-be or a Wedding Planner and are you looking for inspiration?

I can be by your side with my experience and my creativity.

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